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Here are some tips to make the most of your WEXPO experience:
Plan ahead: Start preparing for the expo well in advance and create a detailed timeline of tasks and deadlines to help keep you on track.
Set clear goals: Determine your goals for the expo, such as generating leads or increasing brand awareness, and make sure your exhibitor is presented to support those goals.
Design an eye-catching exhibitor space: Your exhibitor area should be visually appealing and draw attendees in. Use bright colors, clear branding, and high-quality graphics to create a memorable display.
Staff appropriately: Make sure you have enough staff to handle the traffic at your booth and train them to be knowledgeable and engaging with attendees.
Create engaging displays: Use interactive displays and demonstrations to engage attendees and showcase your products or services.
Offer incentives: Give attendees a reason to visit you by offering incentives like contests, giveaways, or product demonstrations.
Be approachable: Make sure your staff are approachable and friendly and encourage them to strike up conversations with attendees.
Get your social media organised: Let your networks know you will be at the expo with details of date and time. Share any special offers and images. Post event - share images and your people interacting.
Collect leads: Have a system in place to collect and follow up on leads, such as a lead capture form or business card collection.
Follow up promptly: Follow up with leads as soon as possible after the expo and be sure to personalize your communication to each lead.
Evaluate your results: After the expo, evaluate your results against your goals and identify areas for improvement for future events
Be creative: Adpat to opportunities, talk with fellow exhibitors and encourage followup meetings.
If you have any tips you'd to add here send them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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In terms of GDP, Western Sydney is half the size of Western Australia and bigger than Tasmania, Northern Territory and ACT combined. With 2.5 million people the region is the fastest growing population in Australia and the most diverse in terms of culture and age. It is home to 150,000 businesses and an unprecedented boom in development driven by the construction of Australia’s newest 24-hour airport.

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